We-Vibe Wand Review

The We-Vibe Wand is a USB-rechargeable and cordless wand-style vibrator and available in 14-nch length, 7.25 inches circumference, and 2.3 inches diameter. This product has a gently curved body, a firm head with the minimum squish, and a short and slightly flexible neck. This waterproof wand makes every user happy. There are 2 attachments namely a penis stroker attachment and the gentle clitoral play. They work by slipping them over the sex toy’s head.

This product’s outer casing is made of soft and body safe silicone material in a rich plum purple. The head of this product connects to the body with the best plastic band in the light purple. An impressive turquoise color makes this product very popular.

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Power & Settings

We-Vibe Wand is renowned as the modern and powerful cordless massager. This product has ten vibration modes in which there is one constant vibration mode and nine patterns available. Users of this product can use one button and switch between settings. They scroll through each mode when they miss any one mode they like the first time around. There is a tiny on/off button in this product.

Additional features

Smart Silence function is one of the most exclusive features of this product. This invention uses the touch-sensitive technology to sense when this product is against the user’s body and turns its vibrations off with no human intervention when there is no contact for a long time.

The vibrations stop immediately devoid of requiring fumbling with buttons when users want to take a break or anyone walks in at an inopportune moment. This facility in this sex toy is enabled by default. However, every user of this product can turn it on or off by simply holding down the pattern button for 5 seconds.

The joystick-style intensity control in this product lets a seamless transition between power levels and makes its users happy about the highest possible control and precision better than the usual  button-operated interface.


Attachment inclusion in this sex toy is a very nice touch and designed to make the overall toy versatile. Individuals with vulvas make use of this sex toy and get interests to explore the adult entertainment further.  Soft and flexible nature of attachments gives the maximum comfort for users when they wear them irrespective of their penis size.  Thus, you can confidently buy and use this sex toy with no complexity and delay.