Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 Review

Many women’s are willing to use advanced sex toys in particular clitoral mouth and G-spot massagers for the maximum sexual pleasure when they stay alone and get sexually aroused. They can take note of the main attractions of the Ose 2 and make a well-informed decision to buy and use this sex device. Ose combines the clitoral mouth and G-spot massager for stimulating the pleasure points at the same time as expected by every woman.

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Our Advice

All users of this sex device get the long-term and multiple-blended orgasms. They are happy about the overall design, user-friendly nature, innovation, and value of this product. They suggest this product to others because of so many favourable things.


  • Multiple and blended orgasms
  • Finger tech enhanced for no pain and maximum pleasure
  • Shape bends easily to suit various body types


  • Glitchy finger tech
  • Still relatively loud
  • Pricey


Loro DiCarlo Ose 2 comes in the white and yellow box. There is a yellow storage pouch along with the instructional manual and magnetic USB charging cable. The waterproof design of the latest sex toys makes its users comfortable and contented. This easy to clean design is really good for shower or bath. All beginners to this sex toy can use the large instructional diagrams and free virtual SxWellness consultations. The recycled plastic material is used to make the new storage pouch in this package.

The control panel in this product is easy to use and large by design. There is a single-touch option for switching everything off to stop the finger section. The head of this device contains the clitoral mouth on the front. There is a organize panel on the backside. Every user of the clitoral stimulator of this sex device is happy as maximum variety and customizable experiences. The arm of this product can be bent to suit your body and include the finger robotic tech. The G-spot massager provides the wonderful come-hither motion.

An internal massager in this product lets its users to select from a selection of 10 speeds and different length options and stroke positions. All new and existing users of this sex device get remarkable benefits and make positive changes in the sexual fun. They think out of the box and seek guidelines to   properly use it and fulfil their sexual desires on the whole.