Kiiroo Keon Review (Prices & Features)

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Every adult have an expectation to increase their sexual satisfaction level and they are advised to find and buy the cheap and best sex toys made of high-quality materials. They can research the important aspects of the Kiiroo Keon and make a good decision to buy and use it. This product is a direct replacement for the popular Fleshlight Launch. The following details explain you various aspects of this product.


The Kiiroo Keon is similar to the Launch in terms of the design on the whole. However, there are so many differences between these two products.  In the Kiiroo Keon, the on-device controls are placed up each side rather than in the middle on the front. Every user of this device feels very comfortable to operate it. This sex toy measures up to 220 x 130 x 146mm and is available with the 1.1kg weight devoid of the feel stroker. This sex toy is a good option for people with limited movement and related disabilities.

There is a speed control on the right side and the stroke length control on the left side of this product. This device has the power button at the top. The button located on the back of this device is designed to switch between the manual and Bluetooth modes. Users of this device just hold the power button down for 4 seconds to switch it on or off.

Features and functionality

There are so many reliable places to synchronize this sex device with interactive porn. You have to connect this sex toy to FeelConnect 3.0 app and get the desired assistance to use it. This product is capable of 230 strokes per minute at full-speed. If you want to use this product for a long time, then you have to prefer the slow setting. This is because the full stroke length and full speed setting downs the battery fast.

RealFeel Stroker

RealFeel Stroker is one of the best elements available with the Kiiroo Keon package. This product is similar to Fleshlight especially in terms of the same and working.  There is a vacuum screw cap for adjusting the suction feeling. The removable inner section in this product makes its users happy and comfortable. If this product takes the soft and malleable semi-firm condition, then it gets bumps and nodules on the inside for maximizing the sensation while in use. Users of this product are advised to use the soap and water and high-quality sex toy cleaner to keep it as hygiene as possible.