Fleshlight Launch Review

Experts in the sextech devices throughout the world are happy to research, invest in, and use the Fleshlight Launch. They love this male sex toy which includes the exclusive technology for creating the new experiences. The Flashlight Launch is the venture between Kiiroo and Fleshlight. This provides promises interactive and manual options especially 2D and virtual reality in conjunction with the popular teledildonic devices.

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Why Use A Fleshlight?

Fleshlight Launch is a fully-automatic hands-free masturbator. As a man with a desire to make use of the highest-rated sextech device in recent times, you can focus on the important aspects of this product right now. The following details explain the main pros and cons for users of this device.


  • Very good battery life
  • Very powerful
  • The best attachments especially with interactive content
  • Easy to setup
  • Relative quietness


  • Relatively large size
  • Overweight when compared to alternatives


The size of the male masturbator measures up at 12.75 inches. There is a soft rubber section around the base of this product and designed to press up against user. The rest of this sex toy looks like an attractive wine cooler. There is an erotic celebration of hard black plastic in this product to make its users happy.

The silver section in the overall design of this sex toy runs around it. This touch sensitive strip on both sides is the black ridge. You have to take off the cap and screw it in some times in the clockwise direction to put this product in the Launch base. This is advisable to do it in a correct way and avoid shaking use when you use it.  Once this part is locked in and you ensure its firmness, you can use it conveniently and happily.

Individual who have bought this product have to make certain that it is fully charged before using it. You have to pop in this device, twist it few times in the clockwise direction to let it lock into place. The next step is to take the phone and download the app Feel Connect. You must follow the steps to pair this sex toy with the app and start a step to enjoy the interactive porn content.  You require a free account at FeelMe to watch the interactive content. You can log in and access the Menu to get a list of channels. You can choose FeelMe Free and enjoy the free full-length test content.